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Empower Your Creative Content, in BIG TIGER Agency

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Headquartered in China, covers an area of 1800 square meters, 80 independent studios, more than 20000+ signed creators and live hosts, monthly cash flow of 4 million RMB in the past year, the other branches are distributed in Southeast Asia and China, including Thailand, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi,  Shanghai, Chongqing, Hainan and other places. Mainly develop the host developing, training, promotion, support, game ads, commercial performance (film and television) and other aspects.

Our mission is to give greater stage to the potential hosts and creators, and backed your live streaming with our professional production, photography and editing team behind the scenes. We will integrate the  hottest topic of the moment and empowers your creation and live stream.

This year, we launched our 'Meta Live' project, incubating metaverse to our creators and live streaming hosts. Our research department will combine the characteristics of metaverse and new media to your creations. The bright future of Meta creation awaits you.

Professional video Content EMPOWER

Our friendly live host managers are like your personal trainer. They’ll help you grow and earn more but won’t make you cut carbs or cry into a puddle of your own sweat. They’ll provide you ideas when you are exhausted, and they’ll empower your videos by their expertise.



We have connections over 1000+ brands globally, we can help you connect with advertisers and earn money by creating and live-broadcasting. And there’s even more, our graphic artists and photographers can elevate your personal brand that attracts followers and brings to life your Tiktok account’s personality.


attract more viewers in your LIVESTREAMING

We can boost your live-streaming, so that more viewers will come to your room.
We can elevate your streaming quality: resolution optimization, noise remover, virtual background and even real time translation to other languages so you can attract followers around the world.
We can plan your streaming content: suggest ideas based on your unique Tiktok personality, games for PK match, and interactions with other hosts and more. Make your live-streaming much more interesting and fun.

Jazz Music


We constantly provide various courses for you to succeed in Tiktok live-streaming. You can access all the courses for free by joining our agency.

Live Streaming Courses

Range from
Ways to attract viewers. What is an adequate PK match?
Live-streaming case studies and so on.

Tiktok Video Courses

Share with you How to create popular personality through tags?
Three dimensions to create popular videos on Tiktok.
Deep analysis on content choice and structure of videos and more.

For Advance Learners

Confidential courses for our Tiktok agency member.

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We’re here at your services, always do what is best for our creators. Chef Gordon Ramsay won't let an overcooked, under-seasoned steak leave the kitchen and like Chef Ramsay, we maintain high standards for the services we provide and the content we help you create.

We’re currently hiring live hosts, please send us an email if you’re interested (Please include your Tiktok profile or Instagram profile in your email).
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